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Babyletto Swivel Glider, Rocker and Reclining Chairs

Babyletto Swivel Glider, Rocker and Reclining Chairs

Why Babyletto Nursery Chairs are the Best

Spending quality (one on one) time with my baby is one of the things that I am always looking forward to doing every day. After a long and tiring day, all I want to do is cradle my baby into my arms and together enjoy each other’s warmth. I don’t have the luxury to spend quality time with my little angel all day long as I work 5 hours a day.

At the start (before I had a nursery chair), I was trying to find a relaxing way to cradle my baby and enjoy the time with her. The couch wasn’t any comfort, neither was the chair. And to be completely honest, I wasn’t enjoying the bodily pains I was receiving afterwards whilst utilizing the couch or chair.

I don’t want to be worrying about my body pain just because I can’t find the right position while rocking my baby to sleep. It was really quite troublesome. Instead of enjoying such a precious moment, here I was trying to find a position to endure least pains afterwards.

Standing wasn’t an option either, I’m too exhausted from work to be standing and swaying to put my baby to sleep; I might also completely doze off while on bed trying to do it, so the bed for me, again, was crossed off my list.

I discussed this with my husband. Surprisingly, he also has the same issue as me. Both of us are working, so we always look forward to relaxing and spending our time with our baby. Seeing our baby makes us happy, but being able to feel comfortable while at it is like being on a cloud nine.

The only solution? A nursery chair and I wish I bought one earlier!

Babyletto Swivel Glider, Rocker and Reclining Chairs


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Buying My Babyletto Nursery Chair

Out of desperation, I ended up searching the internet for possible solutions. After visiting different websites a picture of a nursery chair caught my attention, it was a Babyletto chair and it was love at first site 🙂

Although my husband was a little hesitant due to the price, I ended up following through and buying it online as I knew that I needed it more than him. Reading about gliders and their use in a nursery, all the product descriptions gave me hope.

And that is why I’m writing this. I want to share how magnificent Babyletto glider and rocker chairs really are.

We bought the Nara model (see above) and spending upwards of $500 might sound ridiculous, but it really isn’t – I can tell already, this chair is going to last a lifetime. It has already been a year and it still looks like new, quality and durability to the max!

Using a Babyletto chair will make you forget that you spent so much on it. There are more expensive chairs out there that will not give you the same soothing effect as it does, so you shouldn’t feel so bad anyway. My husband and I have great joy putting our baby to sleep as we can relax our body with its high back, not to mention that it’s surrounded with a soft cushion and comes with a lumbar pillow. Its gliding motion helps us and our baby relax even more.

It’s spacious enough that I can even feed our baby and enjoy story-telling as our bodies aren’t cramped in a small space.

Worried about cleaning it? It just so happens that this amazing glider is water-repellant and stain-resistant which makes cleaning a breeze. With its design and color, it will surely match any nursery room or any room in the house.

Buying expensive things can sometimes be a fuss. But not when it comes to being able to choose a product which is the worthy of your money, and that Moms and Dads, is a Babyletto chair.

  1. I’d have to agree, Babyletto is one of the best brands around. Love my babyletto not just for our baby nursery but I’m buying one for my Mom for her birthday. They are sooo comfy and durable.

  2. For me too! Love love love Babyletto and all their products, their chairs are amazing. Any parent looking for top quality, comfortable and modern chair needs a babyletto 🙂

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