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Best Baby Bath Tubs

Best Baby Bath Tubs

The Best Baby Bath Tubs: Comfort & Safety Your #1 Priorities

One of my fears when I gave birth was how I was going to give my baby a bath without somehow being careless. As a new parent, I was worried about so many things and ensuring I bathed my baby safely was on the top of my mind.

And so, not only was I determined to be very careful in choosing nursery items for my baby but I also wanted the best baby bathtub that was designed to ensure it was safe and it assisted me in ensuring my newborn baby had a comfortable and pleasant bathing experience.

When I started out with all my baby shopping, everything had to be safe and hypo-allergenic, so I asked myself, why should it be any different when it comes to the baby bath tub? As a force of a habit, I pretty much read everything I could for each and every baby product I needed to buy – it was overkill, I know, but now I am kinda experienced in this area of trying to find the best baby tub around.

When I first started out looking through all the bathtubs for babies, I thought geez, another item of baby gear that is going to cost an arm and a leg, but it didn’t. I was actually surprised how affordable these baby baths are; considering there is so many to choose from.

Best Baby Bath Tubs

That said, here are the top baby bathtubs I found to be safe for babies. Read the descriptions below for the best features about each one.

1. Most Popular: The Tummy Tub is used in many hospitals as a newborn baby bath because it mimics the wombs shape, making the baby feel secure and comfortable. It is also designed to ease newborns of indigestion, gas and colic. A useful feature I found was it was the only see through plastic bathtub. As a mom, I want to see every movement that my child does. If only I had the power to know what she’s thinking, I would be so happy. As of now though, I am content in seeing her movements inside the tub. I personally have this one and I’ve written more about it here. Also, because of its clear quality, I can easily check if there’s dirt in it or other harmful stuff inside the tub. This tummy tub baby bath tub is safe as a newborn bath tub and as a toddler bathtub; applicable ages are from birth to 3 years. As I said above, it’s used as a newborn first bath in many hospitals around Europe and also endorsed by midwives, doctors and physicians Available For Under $40 & Free Shipping Here

2. Very Popular: The Primo Euro Bath tub for another example of a good newborn bath tub. It is also ideal for babies even if they reach 24 months old. What I like about the Primo Eurobath is that it helps keep my baby in a safe position while I give her a bath. As she tends to resist bath time, I tend to be careful in handling her and this infant bath tub has been such a great help. It keeps my baby’s arms and legs in a safe position and I am absolutely sure she won’t slip off Available For Under $30 & Free Shipping Here

3. Soft Baby Bath: The PUJ Bath Tub is what I gave to a friend of mine who gave birth via C-Section. The birth of her baby was very sensitive and she must care for her baby without too much exertion. When I read that this PUJ tub is ideal for those who have undergone a C-section, I knew I had to get her one. So, far, she said this tub has been very helpful because it does not strain her back when she gives her baby a bath. She also noticed that this tub is soft, which is great for her baby since the child is also a bit sensitive and must be handled with care. If you do want a soft tub for your baby, I would highly recommend this one Available For Under $50 & Free Shipping Here

4. Modern: The 4moms Infant Tub is best for technology savvy moms. I got to see the 4 moms infant tub at my neighbor’s house, and honestly speaking, I am considering about buying one. I was impressed with the built in thermometer, which allows moms to monitor the water temperature. But the real amazing thing about this 4moms tub is that the tub allows the dirty water to flow out while allowing clean water to come in. I think this is truly impressive and useful for a simple bathtub. Available Here

5. Luxury: The Summer Infant Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool Bubbling Spa and Shower Tub, is perfect for bubble baths, I mean who doesn’t love bubble baths? Talk about a luxurious and relaxing bath for your little one, I like to call it the ‘baby spa tub’. This is actually one of the tubs I have wanted to buy for my baby, but I opted for the #1 option above instead. This one creates cute bubbles and vibrations to relax the baby. I’m sure all babies would enjoy bath time by playing in this tub, at the same time bathing babies is stress free for the parents also Available Here

6. Bucket Style: The Wash POD Bath, will surely fit your baby’s needs as it’s simple and has excellent functionality. The Washpod is ideal for babies until they are 6 months old and is also another example of a baby bucket bath. It helps keep your baby relaxed while taking a bath. Also, both doctors and midwives recommend this tub Available Here

7. Inflatable Bathtub: The design of the Munchkin Hot Tub is simply creative and will surely excite your baby. The famous ‘duck bath’ is safe and fun and its the only inflatable baby bath that is safe for your baby from 6 months to 24 months. What’s cool about it is that you can judge the temperature of the bath water as when the water is too hot, the white hot safety disc turns white. After all, who doesn’t like to play with toy ducks in the bathtub? Turning a toy duck into bathtub certainly makes it more fun. Your baby will feel like he has a giant duck companion now Available Here

8. Very Versatile: If you are concerned about easy storage, this Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Tubs will be a good option to consider as its super easy to store with its slim profile. It’s simple, and really not complicated. Its recline position will keep your baby’s head out of the water. You can expand it, drain it, collapse it, recline it, and hang it up to dry.  It also grows with your child as it’s suitable as both a newborn bath and toddler bath tub Available Here

9. Flexibath: The Stokke Flexi Bath is for those parents who like to travel around, or if you’re simply looking for a travel baby bath or a folding baby bath, this Stokke flexibath bath companion for your baby will do. Of course, it’s made by Stokke who are leaders in baby products, so you are guaranteed an awesomely designed baby product, the best feature of this one being that it’s the best foldable baby bath you will find, it folds done to barely nothing and its very easy fold. You can fold this for easy storage or for travel purposes. It also has a non-slip base which prevents the tub from slipping off Available Here

10. Cheap Baby Bath: The First Years Infant To Toddler Tub with Sling is a great affordable option if you want a good simple bath tub. There is nothing much more scary and exciting than holding your baby for the first time. And you just want to hold your child carefully and safely. And this is just what this tub will do for you with its mesh slings and padded headrest for newborns. This can also be adjusted and be used when your baby grows into a toddler Available Here

11. Cushion/Material Baby Bath: Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad is a quick dry bath pad and is also quite sturdy which will surely last for long. There is no other baby bath like it on the list. Yet, while being sturdy, this is also soft enough so that your baby will feel comfortable while in it. This will keep your baby safe and secure when bathing Available Here

12. Cheap/Relcines: The Summer Infant bath tub, the Summer Deluxe baby bather is a baby bather has a 3 position recline to suit your baby’s needs and comfort as well. Best thing is you can use this in the adult bathtub for your baby. It looks a lot like a baby stroller but without the wheels. It’s also foldable and machine washable Available Here

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