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Kolcraft Cloud Plus: A Cheap Lightweight Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus: A Cheap Lightweight Stroller

One of the Best, Cheapest and Most Lightweight Stroller Brands

As parents nowadays, we cannot just stay at home all day with our baby or child. We have to go places for various reasons for entertainment or for thousands of other reasons or purposes – things like groceries, errands, doctor’s appointments or just for a family stroll, what do we all need on hand? A stroller!

Whether you go out with your spouse or you have no choice but to go alone, you truly will need a stroller or pram by your side. They are impossible to live without, outside the house.

Is it safe to say any stroller will do? I believe not and many parents would concur with me also.

I am a practical Mom so I buy things that deliver in multiple ways (as we are parents have multiple needs!).

This is exactly what I love about my son’s stroller (who by the way will turn two this December), in which I bought for him this stroller by Kolcraft.

Kolcraft Stroller Range

To view the full range of Kolcraft Strollers, click here. However, in saying this, here are the top strollers most purchased by parents worldwide from this brand. I have also provided a brief description below for additional information.

1. *Most Popular/Highest Rating*: Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller (3 colors available), Available Here

2. Cloud Umbrella Stroller (Green), Available Here

3. Kolcraft Side by Side, Available Here

4. Kolcraft Umbrella (Red), Available Here

5. Cloud Plus (same as #1 but in Red), Available Here

6. Kolcraft Sport Stroller, Available Here

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Strollers

There are a few things I consider a winner for both myself and my child with this one.

1. The first is the see through basket underneath its chair perfect for lots of stuff that a child may need. Diaper, extra clothes, you name it – stuff it right in!

2. It has a canopy, not just any stroller canopy. I feel like my child is appropriately protected with it’s wide shield canopy with extends to both sides. I seriously can easily give up style if it does not guarantee security and protection for my kid.

3. For me, one of my favorite parts is that it has a cup holder tray that can hold, my coffee on the go, milk bottles for accessibility, water and sometimes sodas I’d like to drink while strolling with my son. But why do I like the cup holder so much? It is deeper than other cheaper baby strollers so not only does it hold beverages but it can also store keys, some change maybe or other small things I need for temporary storage.

4. As the name suggests, it’s also one of the lightest strollers you can buy.

5. With a price so affordable, it promises affordability but quality and is one of the highest rated cheaper strollers on the market to choose from. I can truly say you get awesome ‘value for money’.

I appreciate the devotion this company has put into manufacturing products that focus on our needs. Two thumbs up for me!

You Can Buy the Kolcraft Stroller Here

– Available in 3 colors –


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