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Storkcraft Convertible Cribs

Storkcraft Convertible Cribs

There are so many things for mommies and daddies to be considered when it comes to furnishing the baby nursery. Whether it’s the first or, the second, or the last baby on the way, you will always take some thoughts on what is needed, what is not needed and what you need to spend a majority of your money on.

First and foremost perhaps are baby cribs. Cribs are must have piece of furniture for babies on the way, your baby needs somewhere to sleep, right?!? (infact, let me correct myself, cribs, which are typically your 4 in 1 convertible crib, are a must have!). I feel like these are a symbol for the excitement of parents to be. At least I feel it in myself, I always have when it came to buying one, it’s the very first thing I ever bought for my newborns.

I am known by my close friends and family as a checker and double checker so I often get questions about different baby products and asked about comparisons of many. Another question I get is, what was it like when you were choosing one for your baby? What aspects of a crib did I have in mind?

I had an ideal baby crib in mind. With each of my kids, I purchased a new crib because I wanted the newest and safest cribs there were (and because baby crib safety and regulations seem to be changing in the last couple of years quite rapidly).

For me, this was what sat well with me – no wheels, standard height, clean looking and of course comfortable and spacious. I had some problems with my first ever crib choice, so for the next crib in line and my last, I was more detailed, more fussy I guess. I got an idea from a neighbor after my first child, she was totally into Stork Craft cribs.

I didn’t have a Stork Craft crib with my first one so I thought I would give one a go for my second.

As it turned out, I bought another one for my third aswell.

And, I love them so much, whenever my friends have baby showers, I get a group of Mom’s together and we all put in to get our ‘Mom’s to Be’ a new baby crib, of course, a Storkcraft crib – I don’t buy anything for a friend I don’t use or recommend myself.

So thanks to my neighbor for initially pointing out about this brand of cribs, they are truly the best cribs I’ve ever come across.

Stork Craft Cribs

Which ones are the most popular? Here they are ranked from most popular to least.


  1. Storkcraft Tuscany Available Here
  2. Stork Craft Portofino Available Here
  3. Stork Craft Sheffield Available Here
  4. Stork Craft Venetian Available Here
  5. Stork Craft Valentia  Available Here
  6. Storkcraft Hillcrest Available Here
  7. Stork Craft Mission Gray Available Here
  8. Stork Craft Carrara Available Here
  9. Stork Craft Verona Available Here
  10. Storkcraft Calabria Available Here
  11. Storkcraft Princess Available Here
  12. Stork Craft Hampton Available Here
  13. Stork Craft Modena Available Here
  14. Stork Craft Milan Available Here
  15. Stork Craft Vittoria Available Here
  16. Stork Craft Bradford Available Here
  17. Stork Craft Sorrento Available Here
  18. Stork Craft Avalon Available Here

Buying Tips

Looking for a Girl Crib? Do you have a little girl and want her crib to be princess style? Well, you can’t go wrong with the princess crib. It’s very popular and can’t you see why? Not only is it cute, it’s sturdy, elegant, grand and it’s white – something that many parents sought after!

Looking for White Crib? Stork Craft has the largest range of white colored cribs to choose from. Select your style above and see if it comes in white. They also come in different colors also.


So if you are a quick reader and just want to know why parents love this crib brand, here is a quick list of some of the major benefits:

  • This brand is voted as one of the best crib brands by many parents
  • All cribs are convertible: typically speaking: 4 in 1, 2 in 1, and more – see above)
  • Largest variety in – over 15 available to suit your taste!
  • Reviews conclude over 90% parent satisfaction

Known as relatively ‘cheap’ in comparison to some major brands as they have the same quality for less of a price tag (so you don’t need to spend in the $400’s to get a quality crib when you can pay around $200 instead)

What Does Convertible Actually Mean?

Okay, so if you are new on the parental scene and this is your first time reading about baby cribs, you have probably come across the word ‘convertible crib’ and wondered, what exactly does this mean? It means that it’s transforms….another way I like to say it, it’s a cost saver…

Pretty much, the best way I can explain it is that when you buy a convertible crib, say it’s a 4 in one – what this means is that the crib converts into another 3 beds. So you buy a crib + it transforms into a toddler bed, day bed and a full sized bed. Look at the picture below to see what I mean.


That’s right, you won’t have to buy another bed ever again for your child if you don’t want to. You can keep this forever if you wish to.

Which Do I Have?

For my children, apart from my first which I didn’t (and regret) have a Stork Craft, the two models which I have purchased are the Tuscany (above) and the because my last was a little girl, I wanted a white one so lastly, I purchased the Sheffield Crib (it also comes in 3 different colors, white that I purchased and also, Espresso and another very popular color – grey).

Why I Love My Stork Craft

Let me share you some points that really stand out and made me very happy with each of my crib that I purchased.

First off, the size and space was perfect to any room you’d like to place it in. That’s something important you need to consider. Many parents place the baby crib initially in the nursery but always have in mind that you many need to move it into your room or another room of the house. My crib did not consume a ton of space in the room (i.e although they are a solid crib, they aren’t bulky), yet the inside is still spacious for a standard mattress and more! I don’t really need to mention about the convertibility feature – they are amazing!!! I mean, who doesn’t love 4 for the price of 1 bed?

Secondly, I thought the set up was easy too with both of my cribs also. I was surprised that they were both already assembled just after preparing some snacks for my husband.

Thirdly, they are simple, solid and elegant. All styles are made of solid wood construction. I love how simple , yet catchy enough if you want some style. These cribs can go with any lovely crib bedding you wish. The railings as well were tightly secured and were painted elegantly no matter what color you choose, you will appreciate how it was crafted.

Lastely, security is always a priority. As we all know, babies are very fragile and parents play the role of securing things for them in everything that we let them use. Also, it can be a child’s first play ground so ensuring you buy a sturdy and safe crib is your #1 priority.

Happy grandparents even complimented our new cribs when they paid our baby a visit over at our house (sometimes it can be difficult satisfying the older generation, but they were happy, so that was a good sign).

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