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Tummy Tub

Tummy Tub

Bathing time is an awesome experience when your little baby is enjoying every splashy moment. Well, for newborns and infants it is paramount you get the right baby bath tub.

If you are looking to buy one, you’ll obviously want the best, or at least one of the top recommended by parents already.

So today we will discuss something that  I stumbled upon and discovered that the very best there is out there is a product called, Tummy Tub (along with a few others, which I have detailed in a recent article of mine: The Best Baby Bath Tubs). Let me give you a feel of my first-hand experience of this simple yet wonderful baby bath tub with my honest experience and review.

How did I come across this pretty cute product? It was recommended to me by my close friend. When she had her firstborn, I would witness just how much she would struggle with ordinary basins and one day I told her so. She decided to buy it and after using it a few times, she fell for it’s charm, and later on when I had my boy a few months later, I fell for it’s charm also, every parent does…

Why is a Tummy Tub Considered the Best Baby Bath?

Here are just a few reasons why.

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  • It has been named by doctors as the “most nurturing and natural baby bath for babies”
  • Easiest way to bathe your baby
  • Less stressful baby bath for your baby
  • A Tummy tub is used as the first newborn bath in many maternity wards, children’s hospitals, neonatal units and nurseries around the world.
  • Completely natural and fully recyclable plus its 100% toxin free as it’s BPA free, Lead free, PVC free and Phthalate.
  • The bucket style baby bath has been developed and endorsed by midwives, nurses and physicians
  • This baby bath has passed all stringent worldwide safety testing regulations and standards.
  • Best newborn baby bath (but also can be used for children up to 3 years old or until such a time until your baby outgrows it)
  • When the baby in tummy tub, it’s the only bath tub which your baby will stay calm and relaxed. Why? It is designed to mimic the mother’s womb and the fetal position, so the baby feels comfortable and cozy inside.
  • Safest baby bath as your baby remains in an upright position and is fully supported by the sides of the tub
  • The most organic and energy efficient baby bath as it saves water, energy and is fully recycle.
  • Water says warmer in the bathtub than any other baby bath (due to it’s design being a ‘tub’ as it has less of a surface area at the top)
  • Baby skin friendly
  • Has been around since 1996
  • Compact (easy to store) with an anti-slide base and ergonomic handles for the parent
  • Easy to clean
  • Once your toddler outgrows it, you can use it as a toy storage tub or anything else!

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It’s actually more affordable than you think.

What is a Tummy Tub?

Tummy-Tub-Baby-BathThe original tummy tub baby bath (available here) is a type of baby bath. It is a shape of a tub/bucket and has specifically been designed this way to benefit your baby during bathing.

The distinct design has been approved by healthcare professionals worldwide and, personally, this is what prompted me to get one when my son was born 9 months ago, and my is he a happy lad; always giggling during bathing time, a lot better than I thought given I heard many disturbing stories of newborn babies hating bath time.

Its clear design allows me to see my baby while bathing him. It also helps due to the fact that its shape mimics the womb allowing seamless transition into the world of taking a bath everyday which can be stressful for an infant.

What’s more, when in the fetal position, babies conserve body heat as they’re hunched up; this also reduces the chance of them catching a cold and this also keeps them calm and jovial.

In terms of safety profile, nothing beats this baby bath tub. Your infant is unlikely to turn over and drown in the fetal position. However, of course, you should always be there and have an overlooking eye as the baby baths.

Me personally, when you bath your baby, I would advise a water level of the armpit region, any higher, I discourage. Younger babies who have not developed good head control would need to have their heads supported as you bath them. I’ll admit to being a safety freak and I’ve found it helpful to soak up a towel and place it at the basement of the bucket just to prop my baby up in the tub.

Studies & Reviews

Studies have indicated that the baby bath (available here) has therapeutic features. Since, babies feel relaxed, warm and safe within it; it stimulates the release of endorphins (happy hormones) which in turn lead to the relief of indigestion, colic and gas in babies. This lowers the chances of your baby being all fussy and irritable.

Most reviews (you can read them all here), concur with this also, parents have reported swapping an ordinary baby baths (laid back versions) to this baby bath bucket and noticing their baby more relaxed and calm.


The baby tummy tub has been engineered to utilize very little water, living up to its billing of being an eco-friendly product; it does an impressive job of keeping the water bills low.

The aforementioned design helps to keep the water warmer for longer – not only does it have insulation properties because there is less surface area exposed to air, this naturally keeps the water warmer for longer.

100% Natural

It has been certified as being phthalate and lead free, aswell as BPA free, PVC free, all of which are toxic chemicals (read more about it here). It is also baby skin friendly.

Another handy feature, it’s not like other baby baths that become obsolete once your toddler has outgrown them, this tub allows for you to re-use it and re-purpose it. You can re-purpose it as a water jar, a flower vase, for the creative mothers out there or just a tub to keep your babies toys.

Matching Stool

To help save your back from prolonged bending, you can get the matching stool (available here). I bought one of these (bad back, you know LOL) and I just love it. I can let my baby enjoy patting at the water in his baby bath while I casually wash him and I don’t have to get up feeling 40 years older from an aching back. Now, bathing doesn’t have to be a one-minute affair.

Following numerous positive reviews, I would highly recommend that you try out this innovative tummy bath as its worth its proverbial weight in gold.

It would be unwise to have your little angel bath in a bucket meant for other chores, and made from chemicals which are not certified as safe.

Try it and you’ll fall in love with it, I have and many thousands of parents worldwide have so before me. In terms of the price, it’s affordable and usually available with free shipping (click here to check latest price).

You Can Buy Tummy Tub Here

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